Essay on The Phone Rings At 2 A.m

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The phone rings at 2 a.m. We get news to immediately catch a plane and travel across the globe to be part of a last minute wedding, not knowing why everything is happening so suddenly. I had just entered my senior year of kindergarten, which felt like a huge transition for me since I had spent my first year of school crying every single day, pretending to be sick, grabbing onto my grandmother 's blouse and not letting go until the teacher would let her stay with me. Now I have to go on my first ever adventure without the assistant of Dora the explorer. Instantly, we get emergency tickets and start to board a weird type of spaceship called an airplane. I remember I forgot to pack something, it was my teddy bear, I left it at home and now it is too late to go back. The airplane is preparing to take off and I already hate the sound of this trip. Belts are beginning to buckle, click, click. Suddenly, a rush of adrenaline jumps at me, I hold my head down, my heart racing out of my chest or maybe it is frozen. The pilot makes an announcement saying "we are in the air and flying", I look out the small window to see millions of pink dancing clouds. Once more, I miss my teddy bear. As I look out the window again, I catch a glimpse of the sun-rising, it is the most beautiful scenery I ever saw through my eyes. The flight attendants are so caring, offering me sodas, peanuts and meals every few hours. In my head, I am thinking "I can get used to this". Right when I was getting…

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