The Persuasive Essay About Breastfeeding

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Revise the Persuasive Essay Breastfeeding has been a very controversial subject for many people over the years. Some mothers are very passionate about breastfeeding while there are just as many mothers who are very persistent about the fact that breastfeeding is just not for them. However, an even bigger issue has been on the front lines where those who have decided to breastfeed are experiencing. The topic is whether they should be free to nurse their children wherever they choose or be forced to nurse their children in private. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter, which makes this a hot button topic for many. It so interesting, considering that breastfeeding is not a new concept, but has been around since the beginning of time. It does seem that women have embraced breastfeeding more for whatever reason, and are a lot more comfortable with nursing their children out in public. “American mothers who breastfeed after birth number about 64%. By the time six months rolls around that number plummets to 29%. Could this drop in breastfeeding be blamed on the negative reactions that women encounter from the public and their families?” (Ephraim, RD, CCN, 2006. para.8). I know there was a time in history when we were much more discreet about our bodies, but it seems to me that we are way past that time. Apparently this became more evident during World War II. The breasts became more sexualized after the war by the pinup poster girl and Playboy magazine (Bentley, 2015).…

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