The Personality Developed Through The Self Concept Essay

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Carl Rogers believed our personality developed through the self concept. He believed that people are motivated by an innate tendency to actualize, maintain and enhance the self (Allen, 2006, p.208). This was mainly done by allowing oneself to be open to new experiences. Rogers believed people had two basic needs which were positive regard from other people and self worth. Positive regard is the experience one receives when making a positive difference in someone else’s life and receiving positive feedback. This would allow an individual to develop values based on their own experiences. A person’s ideal self sometimes may not follow what they actually experienced and this can cause a difference in the ideal self and experiences known as incongruence. However, when they are similar or consistent it is known as congruence. The closer our self image and ideal self are to one another, the more congruent we are and closer we are to achieving self actualization. Since Rogers believed our personality developed through our experiences, our environment would be the cause for that. Once the concept of self actualization, congruence with self, and positive regard have been fulfilled in life, then we have fully developed our personality. Albert Banduras’ belief on how we develop our personality was based on forces outside of the self as well as forces within the self. These forces were personal factors, behavior, and the external environment which all have influences on one another…

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