The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Essay

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Many teens now a days may feel like they don't have love or support from their parents or friends, which may cause them to do drastic things. In the fictional novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, the main character Charlie does not receive much love at home and has a lack of social interaction with his family. Because of the lack of interaction and affection, Charlie has a hard time growing up and making the right decisions for himself. Although Charlie does not receive much love at home, he finds that he gets it from his new friends from school. At the end of the novel, Charlie finds that he is loved by many people and even as a better relationship with his family. Love is an important aspect of one's life and without …show more content…
He has a hard time communicating with his family and often shuts himself out from them. His situation grew worse, when his aunt died. His aunt seemed to be the only one who would pay attention to him and who truly loved him for who he was. At the beginning of the novel, Charlie has a rough relationship with his family, especially his dad. His dad or anyone else in is family has never abused or hit him in any way, but it seems that they do not know when Charlie needs their love and support the most. “Quote from Dad” (Chbosky pg #). Charlie also has a strange relationship with his older sister. They are not very close and it seems like she chooses to ignore Charlie, most of the time. Like most siblings, she doesn't realize how much Charlie means to her and choses to be rude to him a lot. “ ‘I hate you.’ My sister said it different that she said it to my dad. She meant it with me. She really did.”(26). Charlie's sister doesn't seem to understand the struggles that Charlie has faced throughout his life, and she continues to live in her own little world. Charlie’s family and their lack of love and interaction with him has affected him in many ways. The lack of love in one's life can drive them to do drastic things, that they might not have done if they had support from

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