The Period Of Theogony, By Hesiod, And Can Be A Blessing From The Muses

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Completion of Theogony, brought one of the most important pieces of literature to have survived from Ancient Greece. This is the most important text when considering genealogy of the gods, how the earth came about, as well as other important aspects for the Greeks during this time. Theogony, written by Hesiod, and can be dated to around 700 BCE is one of the oldest pieces of literature to date. This one of the few pieces he wrote, as around this time, a seldom amount of writing occurred as only scribes, or writers knew how to write correctly. This work gives majority of the myths, origins, while including all the names of even the less worshipped gods. Theogony starts with an invocation to the Muses, addressing them, telling of their story and how important they are. The most prominent reason as to why Hesiod took the opportunity to praise the Muses in the start is to ask for a blessing from the Muses. For an honorable, well versed poem that will be sung in the correct manner to accurately describe the genealogy of the gods. The Muses were the personification of all art forms which includes literature to both the gods and the mortal men. He begins with this as any Greek would, praising the god, asking for a blessing for a certain event, in this case writing a poem. He also uses this invocation or hymn to praise the almighty Zeus, reassuring the readers then and now that Zeus was the most important. Zeus brought all good, did good, and did for the betterment of men.

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