The Perception Of A Person 's Image Essay

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The definition of image is "a respiration of the external form of a person 's or thing of art.” In society, a person 's image creates a first impression. The way you are dressed, the way your hair is cut, and for females, how you wear your makeup is the first thing people notice. A person’s image is always makes the first impression. Their choice in hobbies or their career can vest and ragged jeans may work for a construction company. A person that likes to play sports may be wearing a tee-shirt, basketball shorts and slides. A first image can also be used to describe a person 's age, but the key things that people will use to judge a person’s character are race, clothing appearance and gender. People believe that first impressions are always created by the first interaction, but I believe that a person’s image is the first impression. The first thing someone may key into is the race of a person. In the Ted Talk video, Cameron Russell mentions the time she and her friend got pulled over by a police officer. After being pulled over for running through a stop sign the only thing her friend had to say was “I 'm sorry officer” to get out of a ticket. She said that she got out of it because of this thing call “special privilege”. These were two young caucasian females, one a super model and the other a wealthy young lady. At the time they were both staying in New York and doing a little shopping. She explained that special privilege is not based off who you are, but how you…

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