The People Who Interact With One Another Essay

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a. Group- people who interact with one another and who believe that what they have in common is significant; also called a social group

M.S. 13 is a gang that started out in the Los Angeles area. It has now grown and spread out among states and even continental. When the video first was filmed, they were in 33 states, but by now it’s like 46 or 47 states. With 10,000 foot soldiers, they have a very organized group. If we take a closer look at this group, we can see how they interact with each other and who they treat family. There is a saying in the gang, “You love your mother, you love your god, and you die for your gang.” This mere saying is what holds the glue together. Each member, if they have a family, treats them with respect and love. They even try to not pull them into the gang’s affairs. When you look away from the family aspect, they all treat one another like a brother or sister. They protect one another and will kill a member if they try to hurt the ‘family’. It doesn’t matter if you’re their friend, if you betray the gang they will kill you. M.S. 13 as said before is very organized, recruiting members at a young age is smart. If you get them young, they stay with you longer and are easier to manipulate into believing the ways of the gang. Chester was just 8 when he joined and he is now arrested for murder charges. At that young of an age, they can relate to the kid because he’s probably rebellious and going through something that is confusing or angering.…

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