The Patterns Of Violence Towards Male And Female Victims Essay

1854 Words Mar 18th, 2016 null Page
14. Is there a difference in the patterns of violence towards male and female victims? Although over 12 million women and men are victims of rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner in the United States each year, women are significantly more likely to be victimized than men. Women’s battering has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and is considered to be a major social problem. In fact, intimate partner violence is the leading cause of injury and death to American women. Furthermore, no woman is more susceptible to experience domestic violence than another woman. Victims of violence include poor and uneducated women, professional women, working women, military women, and women who earn more money than their abusers. A major problem with female victims of abuse is that many feel unable to leave an abusive relationship. Often people believe that female victims of abuse do not leave because they “need the abuse,” “love too much,” or have “low self-esteem,” when in reality this is far from the truth. Leaving an abusive relationship could actually cause the women additional problems such as living in poverty, losing child custody, losing financial support, and experiencing harassment at work. Additionally, women may choose not to leave an abusive relationship because the fear the offender will become more abusive, their friends and family may not support them leaving, they are unaware of available support services, they may believe…

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