The Patient Case Reports. Marty Essay

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The phone call came in the afternoon informing me that Marty had died of a heroin overdose. Another person was with her when she injected the heroin, but ran off when she crashed. A call to 911 or access to an Opioid Overdose Rescue Kit might have saved her life.
Marty abused drugs as a teenager, settling on heroin as her drug of choice. She was just 21-years-old when her parents learned she was abusing heroin (her mother found a used syringe and needle in the basement of their home.) Her parents insisted she enter treatment. Marty then joined my outpatient substance abuse treatment program.
Marty was a difficult patient. She was in denial about her addiction and did not believe she needed treatment. She would not go to Narcotics Anonymous, return to school, or find work. She continued to associate with other drug abusers. There were occasional relapses, but I remained hopeful she would come to appreciate through intensive substance abuse therapy how reckless and dangerous her behaviors had become.
Family sessions were not helpful. Her father, a well-to-do dentist, voiced his anger and disappointment. He wanted Marty to move out of the home. Her mother, fearing that Marty might again overdose, wanted to keep her home 24/7 so she could “watch her like a hawk.” She described what was happening to their family as “our worst nightmare.” The fighting between the parents was palpable. Marty did not appreciate or seem to care about the emotional pain…

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