Essay On Immigration Citizenship

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Immigration has become one of the nation’s leading issues with many opinions and debates about how to handle the issue. Many efforts have been placed by both the state and national governments to secure and control the border to shut immigrants out. However, many aliens have already slipped through the United States, past the porous border, in hopes of becoming a full-fledged American citizen. The point in question is what should be done about the citizenship for the immigrants that have slipped through our permeable Mexican border. Those who are campaigning and defending a tenacious attitude on immigration, stress the idea of tightening border security. Many advocates for tougher border control believe there are an abundant amount of problems associated with immigrants coming and staying in the United States. Those who have anti-immigrant attitudes believe they are a burden on our …show more content…
In the long run, granting illegal immigrant citizenship, would be beneficial to America. The number of immigrants in America is profoundly high, and it’s time to face the facts. After all, the citizenship process is a long and exhausting process that takes some effort. Here in the United States, “the link between membership and rights is a critical but vexing one” especially for Latinos and other minorities. The act of gaining citizenship needs to be yearned and fought for. The millions of Americans are “law-abiding, tax-paying” people who want a better life. At the end of the day, these people are humans just like you and I. The basis of America was founded completely on immigration. These Mexicans are only adding to the melting pot of other cultures on this land of opportunity. Immigrants are hardly harming America in this day and age. If the national and state governments continue their efforts for immigration reform, there should be no reason a path toward citizenship would hurt American

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