The Path Of Learning For Read And Write Essay

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The path of learning to read and write is a journey in which everyone is given the opportunity of doing, but experienced differently by all. Particular teachers, classes, books, and author’s styles contribute to one’s own unique personality. I have always had a keen interest in the stories that reading provides, and the ability of putting thoughts onto paper through writing. I began these at a young age and they have followed me throughout the course of my life.
At a young age, I recall lying in my fire-truck bed, tucked in, and almost death-gripping my Barney stuffed animal. My mother, sitting at the foot of my bed, would read to me nightly, the journeys of Stuart Little and the always-exciting Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom. Once I gained the ability to read, the roles switched and I began reading to her. I remember my year in kindergarten, coming into class and doing the ridiculous zoo-phonics repetition of “Ally the Alligator, Ah, Ah, Ah” and various other chants that would later shape into the backbone of my writing and reading expedition. In my early years of elementary school, my mom would pick me up and take me to my babysitter. Here I would receive a crash course of spelling and reading children’s books, all while anticipating naptime. Once third grade approached, dedicated readers were awarded with Wizards’ baseball tickets, which provided a great incentive for me to spend my nights inside reading. From this, I learned that reading allowed myself a way to walk through the…

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