The Path I Am On Essay

724 Words Oct 8th, 2015 3 Pages
The path I am on is paved with tile floors, and the lights above flicker in a way that reminds me of a school hallway. The path is seemingly endless, constantly branching, and is a mystery. Whenever it splits I am always presented with two choices: to go left, or to go right. The left path is always bright with sparkling floors and fresh air. The right path is much more foreboding. Most of the time, I can’t see more than a few feet in front of me and the air is heavy. I always try to go down the bright, comforting path because I hope it will lead me to a better future in this path called life. However, by looking deeper into the choices that I have been presented and by taking glimpses into the lives of others, I have realized that I am lucky to have a bright path to follow. While life may not always be as simple as I have described it, many people are not presented with the opportunities to this that have been able to take advantage of. I realized this my freshman year when I joined a program called Teen Court. I joined Teen Court because I was curious about law, but through it I was able to learn more about myself and others in a way that would improve my community.
First of all, Teen Court is a program that trains teens to act as attorneys for other teens that have admitted guilt to misdemeanor crimes. The teenage defendants are real, and as an attorney in the program I have been able to meet with practicing attorneys, learn about the law, and most importantly learn the…

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