Essay on The Passion Of The Christ

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Throughout the years the “Passion of the Christ” movies have been used to tell the story about Christ’s death and resurrection. Then in 2004 Mel Gibson made his version of the movie and as I like to say brought it in to the 21st century with updated graphics, violence, and blood. The combination of images, faith, and history this film truly was like no other Passion of Christ movie ever done. The Passion of the Christ is a serious and deep piece of cinematography, it not just show us how much pain one man went through for us but it celebrates for the unbeliever the triumph of humanity over an absolute brutality and through this movie for all the believers of the Christian faith this movie has become a powerful reminder that we still need to learn as society today ned to remember that forgiveness and love of enemies lies at the center of Christian faith. Mel Gibson on the other hand who brought this whole thing together and made it possible also does a fabulous job producing and directing. The release of The Passion of the Christ gave people a new outlook and new belief so to say made them look in the mirror and for many was a renewal of faith and how they look at Christ. Mel Gibson took a movie that has meant so much too so many people and may have enhanced it he crossed boundaries he did daring things but in the end it was one of the highest grossing movies of all time. The fact that the violence is being inflicted on a major global religious figure adds to the horror and…

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