The Parental Tendency With Regard To Bilingualism Case Study

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Introduction to the Current Problem and Phenomenon
The Parental Tendency with regard to “Bilingualism” The phenomenon that has been going on in the realm of bilingualism with regard to parenting, schooling, and education is that more and more parents, monolingual parents included, start to become aware of and appreciate the importance of mastering a second language and wish their children to be bilingual. Considering the practical advantages of being bilingual, such as better future career opportunities, positive effects on self-image, and the development of skills of enabling effective communication within different language-speaking communities, parents appear to be highly supportive of bilingual school programs (Lao, 2014). As a result, parents choose and
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The Problem and My Creation as a Solution However, there are not a lot of bilingual toys designed specifically for infants in the crib in the market nowadays. Therefore, the Second-langugage Phonology-enhancing Mobile that I created targets infants who are from six to twelve months of age as well as monolingual parents who are not able to communicate with the infants in another language, but wish them to master a second langauge. This mobile helps preserve the ability to discriminate sound contrasts between different languages by creating an associative contingency learning between infants’actions and the words produced form the mobile in two different languages.

The Invention The body of the mobile will be

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