The Paradox Of Creativity And Creativity Essay

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The Paradox of Creativity
When it comes to defining creativity it is pretty simple, to me is a way to measure one 's imagination, cognitive skills and how you fluently you can use that creative attributes in your day to day life. When asked to define creativity, why does it have so many meanings? Creativity is one of those words when asked to define, have many definitions because there are many ways to go about being creative. Therefore having a viable meaning to that word is almost impossible because in general creativity varies from one person to the next. One thing we relate creativity to a lot is having the abilty to also be artistic, like being a painter, a sculptor or even one or one of the performing arts like ballet. People seem to correlate the two together often and seem to forget the other side of the creative spectrum. Quick problem solving and quick critical thinking skills are also great traits when it comes to being creative and imaginative.
Take software engineers and gaming programmers from FromSoftware for example. These programmers came up with these binary codes and developed new codebases for these new virtual worlds. The Creativity and imagination required to have this attention to detail and environmental diversity you see in these new technologies are so graphic and surreal up to a point where blades of the grass blowing in the wind in the background. But some think that playing video games, in general, could have a hindering effect…

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