Essay on The Parable Of The Mustard Seed

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When I first read the Buddhism story “Kisa Gotami and her dead child,” it touched me with the sadness. It reminded me the difficult time of accepting the truth and move on with my life when my mom passed away. When I dig deep into the story, it shifted my understanding because the story has clarified that all had to experience the loss of the dearest ones. The Buddha’s teaching through the story kisa Gotami is about the true nature of reality that suffering is the part of life and death is inevitable also it shows us how our ignorance can be a cause for our suffer at the time of grief and after getting wisdom, we can gain happiness. When people forget that suffer is also part of our nature of life, it makes harder at the moment of unexpected tragedy. When we look in the story of “The Parable of the Mustard Seed“Kisa Gotami clearly experienced unexplained grief. But her inability to accept the reality of her son’s death was not just suffering, it was the deep and fundamental pain brought on by real suffering. When grief stricken her, she has gone crazy. She couldn’t accept that the fact her son was dead and gone forever. She kept looking for the medicine to cure her dead son. The hopping to return her dead son to life cause her frustration and prevent her to let it go and to get over it. The lesson is that acknowledge the pain gives you a relief and the ability to understand the source of the pain. That can help us to act to face the problem or accept it as it is. kisa’s…

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