The Paper On The Detroit Tank Plant

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I did my research paper on the Detroit Tank Plant which is part of the “Arsenal of Democracy. The tank plant was created during World War II as the U.S. government contracted with automakers to make tanks, trucks and planes for the war time effort. A man by the name of William Knudson, who was President of the General Motors Corporation, led the government 's defense production effort by capitalizing on the auto industry 's mass production capabilities, he called upon the Chrysler Corporation’s President, Mr. K.T. Keller to build the tanks. The coordination of a concerted tank facility is generally given to William Knudsen, the industrial production specialist of the National Defense Advisory Commission. It was decided that the auto plants could not build such vehicles on their production lines so a plan was devised to construction a new production plant. The construction of the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant began in 1940, before the U.S. became directly involved in the conflict. The plans called for a mammoth structure to be build and was designed by master architect Albert Kahn. The plant was erected on 113 acres of farmland measuring five city blocks deep and two blocks wide in the City of Warren, Michigan. At the time the factory was the largest tank building facility in the world, eclipsing even the largest German plants operating during WWII.

The factory was built in Albert Kahn’s signature Modern Style that was both aesthetic in form and practical in use. In…

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