The Overcrowding Of Prisons Becoming A Huge Problem Essay example

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Why is overcrowding in prisons becoming such a huge problem? The overcrowding of prisons became problematic starting in the early 1980’s as the federal and state laws over sentencing policies shifted into having stricter punishments for criminal activities (BOOK, pg. #). The increase in the length of sentencing for prisoners are causing prisons to become dramatically overcrowded as prisoners are forced into remain in the prison system for a long period of time even though there are new prisoners continuing to enter through the system (article What can we do about prison overcrowding). The prison population as whole has rapidly increased to forty-one percent since 2000, even though the rate of correctional officers within the prison has only increased by nineteen percent ( As a result, the average ratio of the number of inmates within a given facility in comparison to the number of officers and other correctional personnel is that of 4 to 1. Due to the rampant overcrowding of inmates in the prison, the effectiveness of supervisors and the availability of inmate programs have entirely decreased over the past decades (CITE). Research has estimated that prison overcrowding has affected at least 114 countries and that “20 national prison systems hold more than double their capacity” (CITE). The most vulnerable population effected in the overcrowding of prison facilities is women and underage minors charged ( The most critical…

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