Essay The Out Cast By Flannery O ' Connor

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“The Out-Cast”
Faith and grace were very important in the 1950’s; if a person did not have faith or grace they were considered an out-cast. Flannery O’ Connor wrote a short story called “A Good Man is Hard to Find” based upon accepting faith in one’s life. In “A Good Man is Hard to Find” the grandmother is the protagonist and the misfit is the antagonist. The grandmother and her family were on their way to a family vacation. On their way they decided to stop by an old plantation and, while on their way they got into a car accident which caused them to get stuck in a ditch. The misfit who broke out of jail saw them and stopped to do what he did best which was killing people. In the process, the grandmother was the last person to die. By being the last person to die she tried to offer faith and grace to the misfit, which he declined. Religion is portrayed through the grandmother in “A Good Man is Hard to Find” ironically; the grandmother offers faith to the misfit but he declines it to pursue a life of crime.
The grandmother throughout the story is portrayed as a saint or she thinks of herself as more important than others. In this scene she tries to use her old age and money to stop her from death in which she says “I know you wouldn’t shoot a lady... I’ll give you all the money I’ve got!”(O’Connor). From looking at this her actions they are portrayed as selfish, since she assumes people only want her for her money. In the story the grandmother’s being portrayed as a selfish…

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