The Ottoman Empire Essay

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The Ottoman Empire was founded in 1299, and collapsed in 1922. It was one of the long lasting empires in the world from middle ages to modern times. According to Quataert, the Ottoman Empire was a significant non-Western country. The success of the Ottoman Empire in the world began with the Byzantine Empire’s failures because besides other positive things, diversity or multiculturalism and religious tolerance in the Ottoman Empire empowered the Empire, and made the Empire live long. As for the research question that is how the diversity affected on the Ottoman Empire, and how the Ottoman Empire used its advantages for years, multiculturalism embraces all ethnic and religious communities and tries to keep them together. It is also related to economic benefits and political superiority of a host country, and it looks for solutions to make the minorities live well in a host country. During the medieval time, western states had many wars and national erosion in their states because they did not care about the meaning of diversity, and they could not apply it into their state system. This was because of a discrimination of religious and race. But, the Ottoman Empire did not take western states as an example, and they applied the diversity into their country. So, the Ottoman Empire did not have any civil wars and trouble inside till its demise. For example, there were many reasons why the Byzantine Empire fell such as civil wars, crusaders’ deceit, rise of Islam, progress of…

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