The Other Shoe Analysis

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The Other Shoe

Summary: Soda always knew the other should would eventually drop, Darry and Ponyboy were just too different. He just didn't know it would end up like this. (Rewrite of my story Better Left Unspoken) One-shot.

The Other Shoe

Disclaimer: No, I don't own The Outsiders, sadly. S.E. Hinton, however, does.

Third Person POV ~Fall,1969~

Sodapop always knew that one day, the other shoe would drop.

Even after both of his brothers proclaimed in the park that night that they wouldn't fight anymore, Sodapop knew that they would. They were just too different not to.

What he didn't know was that when the other shoe dropped that it would have such dire consistencies. That the big fight Ponyboy and Darry had would result in the death of their youngest brother. That that cold night would be the last night anything ever
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I can't even look at you right now!"

I wished that you hadn't actually left, Darry thought sadly as he emerged from his bedroom quietly, so he didn't wake up Soda.

Soda didn't sleep in his room anymore. Too many memories and just too lonely, he had told Darry just after the incident. He wouldn't sleep in the other empty bedroom either, the one that Ponyboy had moved into just after he turned fifteen. Most of the time, Sodapop would just sleep on the couch.

My parent's death didn't shake me up this much, so why all of this now? Darry wondered, feeling the familiar pang in the pit of his stomach.

Because you caused all of this! A voice in Darry's head screamed, making his stomach churn uncomfortably. Too tired for breakfast, he trudged towards the bathroom to take a shower.


As Sodapop laid on the couch that morning, with the house to himself, he unwillingly let a tear slip down his face as the memories of 'that night' began to over take his mind.

"You ain't ever thinking, are you, Ponyboy? If you don't start using that thick head of yours, you're gonna get sent to a boys home or get yourself

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