Essay about The Orleans And New Orleans

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Growing up in Louisiana has been a part of my life. Before moving back to Virginia in the 7th grade, we resided in Louisiana for about 7 years. We would travel to New Orleans very often for various sporting events that my siblings and I would participate in or we would go to watch the New Orleans Saints or the New Orleans Pelicans play. New Orleans has so much to offer that for all ages. Many people may think that New Orleans is only for adults but there are some kid-friendly things to do. Other than the crime in New Orleans, is not terrible city. The crime also depends on where you are in the city; some areas have more crime than others do. It is a city full of history dating back to 1718. As far as planning issues in New Orleans, there are, a few that come to mind: 1) the entire city is below low sea level 2) urban planning in the Ninth Ward and 3) the rebuilding process after Hurricane Katrina destroyed almost all of New Orleans. New Orleans is my favorite city because of all the things it has to offer the tourist and the citizens of the city. There are things for all ages to do besides what you may see in the average photo or on TV. You can ride the streetcar system that will take you anywhere in New Orleans. It is also a great way to see the city. This is the main form of transportation for most of the people. I am sort of a history buff, so naturally I love the World War II Museum that is there. In addition, New Orleans is rich in its history, from the…

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