The Organizational Culture At Nustar Energy Essay

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The organizational culture at NuStar Energy is to put the employee first. One of their company policies is that they do not lay off any of their employees. Curt Anastasio, the former CEO of NuStar Energy said, “We have a very strong corporate culture which puts employees first. And I know a lot of people say that, but I think we actually walk the walk on that. We have a no layoff policy. We’ve never had a layoff in the history of the company, and we’re not going to have one either,” (Reiss, 2012). They believe in building trust with their employees so that the employees feel like they are part of the success of the company. NuStar Energy values the input of their employees. The president goes around to the employees and talks to them about their culture and explains to them what the company strategy is and is willing to hear what the employee’s thoughts are about it. The president believes in talking to the employee face to face so that he can get feedback from them first hand. He talks to the employees to see if they are having any problems with anything that’s has to do with NuStar. By talking to them, he hopes they can solve the problem together and that their solution will make the company a stronger company. He believes that this shows how much he values the employee and that he is putting the employee`s first (Reiss, 2012). NuStar Energy has built a culture that when the company is successful, it took everyone who works at NuStar to make them successful. NuStar has…

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