The Oregon Association Of Hospitals And Health Systems Essay

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Organizations change over time, whether due to the economy, politics, technology, or any other cause, and therefore, organizational change management has become a permanent feature in the business landscape. One way to address this evolution in the healthcare industry, is to assess and adapt to changes in a proactive manner. Creating a strategic plan that allows for constant updates, sets the tone of the culture, and makes for easier transitions. Most strategic plans are written to encompass an upcoming five-year period, and then are broken down into one to two year plans, which include tangible and measurable sections, also known as long and short term goals. The Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (OAHHS), is very aggressive in their approach to strategic planning. They have created a three-year “rolling” strategic plan, with status updates every six months, with the ability to amend the plan annually (OAHHS, 2014). With a plan that is only one-year-old, and an organization that is ardently embracing health care reform for the good of its’ people, OAHHS is able to quickly adjust planning when necessary to reach their long- and short-term goals. OAHHS has established the Oregon Hospital Community Strategic Objectives, as six actionable items, that are in need of attention in the immediate future in order to reach the Triple Aim Initiatives determined by healthcare reform: improving the quality of patient care and population health, while reducing the per…

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