The Opening Line Of Pride And Prejudice Essay

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The opening line of Pride and Prejudice states something similar to “a man with a large wealth is surely in want of a wife.” By opening the story with such a bold statement, Jane Austen is trying to prove something about many aspects. Ourselves, marriage, class(social status), and materialism. Although Austen wrote during a time when society was very different from ours, there are still many idea from back then that are present today. The characters in the novel represent different thoughts on each of the three main themes and portray illogical thinking of them all. Marriage is one of the main and most important points discussed in Pride and Prejudice. It appears that all of the crucial characters have different viewpoints and and opinions on marriage. Charlotte Lucas is quick to jump into marriage with Mr.Collins due to the inheritance and financial stability. She isn’t concerned about her happiness and claims that happiness in marriage is a matter of “chance.” Her friend Elizabeth Bennet has a completely different view of marriage than her. Initially, Mr.Collins proposes to her since he wants to be kind due to him inheriting the Bennet Family property. Elizabeth refuses to marry him because she doesn’t think marriage is worth it unless you are going to be happy. She knows she won’t be happy if she agrees to marry Mr.Collins and isn’t going to risk it just to have a financially stable life. Elizabeth has a different viewpoint on marriage than many of the girls in the…

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