The Open Secret Of Bullying Essay

1372 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
The Open Secret of Bullying One of the most acknowledged problems America faces on a day-to-day basis is bullying. Numerous types of bullying exist, that which includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse. This problem is happening everywhere, no matter the countless efforts put in place to prevent it. Public school systems foster a common home for bullies, yet somehow their behavior is often disregarded. Many schools have initiated a “zero-bully” tolerance program, or some have created a pledge for students to take asking them to stand up against those who put down others. However, bullying has shifted from a physical approach to a psychological stance. Social media plays an enormous role in how severe this problem has become. Bully’s behind a computer screen are much stronger than in the physical world. The animosity from behind a computer screen opens the victim up to a world of horrible. The common name for this torture is more commonly known as cyber-bullying and with the recent inventions of smartphones, the victims perpetrators follow them everywhere they go. Because technology has made so many advances, it is extremely difficult for perpetrators to be traced when this happens. Many times police try to get the problem solved before it results in criminal action. While in recent years bullying has become an openly discussed problem, the severity of the issue remains behind the closed hearts of the many victims affected by it, especially with the constant fear of…

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