The Ontological Argument For Existence Of God Essay

1180 Words Sep 24th, 2015 5 Pages
Zachary Burnham
Philosophy 220
Professor: John Shea
September 24, 2015
First Exam The ontological argument for existence of God was introduced by a monk named Anslem. St. Anslem explains his argument for existence of God by saying, “The fool said in his heart, ‘There is no God,’ but certainly that same fool having heard just what I said, “Something greater than which cannot be thought,” understands what he heard. What he understands is in his thought, but it cannot exist only in thought, for if it only exists in thought it could also be thought of as existing in reality which is greater.” (Abel 35) He is pointing out that God cannot just exist in our head, but has to exist in reality as well. If one thinks of another God and can still think of a greater being, then the first “God” can’t be God. Anslem mentions that as it is better to exist in reality than in thought, this God must really exist. If God didn’t exist, then he wouldn’t be conceived as great. Anslem has five arguments that talk about God. God is no greater than can be conceived. Then if God is that then there is nothing better than God can be thought of. Therefore, there is nothing better than God can be thought of. However, if God does not exist then there is something better than God that can be thought of. With this being said, God does exist. In the first premise of the ontological argument, is Anslem’s conception of God. In the second is a simple truth about if God is the best being there is…

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