Essay about The Onset Of Child Abuse And Neglect

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With no conclusive guide available, numerous theoretical frameworks attempt to explain the onset of child abuse and neglect. Bandura’s (1977) Social Learning Perspective, one of the more established theories, suggests the values, experiences and conditions encountered within socialisation shape understanding, and become adopted and utilised as children’s normal way of responding to situations throughout their entire life (Corby, 2006). With this concept in mind, children raised within hostile environments are believed to internalise aggression witnessed, and repeat the cycle, modelling the accepted dysfunctional behaviour during childhood amongst peers, as well as into adulthood, such as during their own parenting (Kwong et al, 2003). Baumrind (1978) termed this style of parenting ‘Authoritarian’ discipline and stated that its reliance upon power, control and harsh forms of physical and emotional force, predominately commencing with smacking and shouting, aims to force children to conform.
The objective of the Authoritarian approach is on instilling long-term obedience by restricting autonomy and creating fear to mould children’s behaviour in the manner demanded by the parent. Strict disciplinary techniques generally develop a degree of compliance but, lacking nurturing where mistakes are explained, submission tends to be short-lived. Using weak negative reinforcement this maladaptive parenting pattern has various negative outcomes, one being children’s wellbeing is…

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