Psychological Maltreatment

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This shows unimportance of psychological maltreatment, which causes the lack of information on how to recognize if a child or family is experiencing this. That is why teachers, childcare professionals, by-standers, and law enforcement should all share the importance of psychological maltreatment and watch for the symptoms if it occurs. If symptoms do show, then professionals should be able to help that child but most importantly it should be reported to child-protective services. But for anything to happen according to Ruth Gilbert, Alison Kemp, June Thoburn, Peter Sidebotham, Loraine Radford, Danya Glaser, and Harriet L. MacMillan (2009) “child-protection services need a high threshold of suspicion” (168) which causes a problem. Some cases …show more content…
Difficulties in recognition, definition, and legal proof put children at risk of remaining in damaging circumstances. There are also more problems with helping with this kind of abuse. Rees (2009) explains that “key outcomes are often difficult to measure since there is no specific physical manifestations, this is why emotional abuse is inadequately understood and overlooked” (59). Emotional abuse is also affected from the insufficient attention of the emotional side of a well being because of inadequate time, training, or provision. To learn from results of practice, disregard of the risk of delay, and the false economy of short-term saving, it could be particularly hazardous to our society from the separation of pediatrics, child, and adolescent mental health services. Gilbert, Kemp, Thoburn, Sidebotham, Radford, Glaser, and MacMillan (2009) discovered that “child-protection services need a high threshold of suspicion. Therefore, many children whom maltreatment is suspected are not reported and professional concerns are not recorded, thus reducing the scope to detect repeated or ongoing maltreatment” …show more content…
Professionals need to spread awareness of psychological maltreatment so that this does not happen to another child. This brings importance to professionals, in which need to have a better understanding of what psychological maltreatment is and know what the signs are, so that they can be effective if they see this happening to a child. Overall, psychological maltreatment is a problem in our society and we need to do more research on effective cures with interventions, assessments, and treatments and how we can prevent it for the

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