The On The War On Terror Essay

1114 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
The war on terror can be considered many different things by many different people. To some, it is the most ideal way to overcome terrorists, while to others the war has caused more terror than since attacks such as 9/11. The different procedures and actions taken in order to deal with terroristic acts are only helpful to those carrying out the procedures, disregarding others involved. Other people who are involved in the harm of these actions are the innocent civilians of the war torn countries invaded by western militaries, and those of the western society who are now being stereotyped as terrorists based on race and religion. Based on the actions that have been taken by different western governments, the war on terror can be considered anything but ethical. There has been no precautions placed on who will end in distress after counter attacks are made. The death of innocent civilians, the infringement of basic privacy rights, and the simple fact of giving the western world more power than needed are just a few reasons why this war on terror is truly harming more people than it is helping.

Civilians have always fallen victim to the horrible actions of war and history can show the proof. Western power is more focused on how to hunt and kill the bases of terrorist groups that it can be forgotten to acknowledge the damage that can be left in their path. This can cause more harm than protection to those of the countries who are already terrified to walk outside of their…

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