The On The Outer Expression Of Anger Essay

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I- Theoretical Part : Anger in Literature
1- Definitions of Anger: a- The outer expression of anger can be identified in facial expressions, body language, physiological responses, and in public acts of aggression. b- Anger is equally a matter of politics as well as biology. c- Anger functions as a pressure cooker; that we cannot control our anger for so long before it explodes.
2- Origins Of Anger : a- Anger was first to exist in supernatural myths, stories and religious beliefs; like angry deities. b- It was the strongest of emotions later on in the 5th and 4th centuries BCE in the Roman era. It was to obtain pleasure and avoid pain. c- Anger appeared in warrior cultures. d- It was dominant in the Greek literary works in the 8th and 7th centuries BCE like the Iliad of Homer. e- In the 18th century, the European age of the Enlightenment, Anger was ridiculed because it was the age of Education. f- Pre the 19th century, anger was not prohibited, but in the Victorian era it was avoided and not allowed.
3- Characteristics of Anger : a- Anger cannot be separated from race, nation, religion, class, color or gender. b- It is the reflection of conflict in the society; it reflects the reality and adopts Realism in the plots generated from people 's life. c- Anger can be both irrational and cognitive; rising from feelings and thinking. d- Anger is also both individual and collective. e- Pride and domination are associated with Anger. f- Anger is argumentative from outside,…

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