Essay The Olympics Of Ancient Greece

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Introduction The Olympics started in ancient Olympia Greece, which is located in a valley in Elis, in western Peloponnisos, through which runs the Alpheus River. The Olympics of Ancient Greece were a lot different compared to the Olympics in the modern world. According to the modern world, Olympic athletes have to prove themselves to the extent that they are not only best in their country, but has the ability to compete with other best athletes from all other countries. This is similar to the idea of an Ancient Olympic athlete who had to be a free man who spoke Greek. In contrast to modern Olympics, there were only few events and were always held in Olympia instead of moving to different countries or cities each time. Women were not allowed to participate in the games due to gender inequality. The winners were awarded with a simple olive tree branch compared to gold, silver, and bronze medals in the modern world. Only things that remained constant though out these years are that the games are still held every four years and winning athletes are considered superior or in other words, were treated like gods. (Perseus)
Running events The running events in old Olympics were stadion, diaulos, and dolichos. The stadion was the first of the running events in 776 B.C. It was the main and most prestigious event of the Olympic games. It was always the last event of the games, and was held at the Atlis. The runners would sprint one length, for which the starting line was…

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