Essay about The Olympic Movement Of The Olympics

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- Introduction -
The Olympic movement accumulating with the Olympic Games, is perhaps the most distinguishable and substantial pupil cultural event (Roche, 1998). What is recognisable today as the Modern Olympics first began in Athens, 1896, attracting 311 athletes from 13 countries (Kitroeff, 2005). Throughout this period the Olympics was a combination of athletic games that sustained religious rituals (Koulouri, 2006).

At the forefront of the Athens games was the opportunity to showcase nationalism, success, and pride but above all present the modernised Western model of Greece to the world (Guttmann, 1992). This mantra of showcasing progression, allows host cities the opportunity to develop, and invest in substantial urban projects and sporting infrastructures. (Andranovich, Burbank and Heying, 2001). It is essential the host city provides new, or considerably refurbished world-class standard sporting facilities. In addition, wider investment is often necessary to provide a smooth running of the games for both athletes and spectators, in areas such as: transport, tourism, communications, accommodation, environmental regeneration, health and housing (Hiller, 2006).

This widespread investment is a contributing factor to building a global city; it creates a socio-economic hub, which inwardly encourages future investment and tourism over a longer period of time (Houlihan, 2008). The Olympic Games have continued to evolve, becoming more than a sporting mega event: they…

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