The Oil Crisis : America And The American People Essay

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During the 1970’s, America and many other Western nations endured a severe oil shortage, due to an embargo set by the Middle Eastern nations. These Middle Eastern nations controlled the oil company known as OPEC, which helped supply many Western nations their oil. OPEC, or The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, was formed by the coming together of all the Arab countries who were infuriated at the fact that Palestinian lands were taken and used to create Israel (OPEC States Declare Oil Embargo). Other events took place before the Arab countries united and created the embargo. Those prior events made it easier for the want of an embargo, and allowed the Middle Eastern countries a chance for revenge against the Western nations. To understand the prior events that led to the creation of the oil embargo you need to look just a little further back into history. This will then explain how it all started, and how it deeply affected America and the American people.
According to Sarah Horton’s paper on the 1973 Oil Crisis, a war, known as the “Suez-Sinai War,” broke out between newly founded Israel and an Arabian nation that was angry about this formation of Israel. During this war, many Western Countries came to aid and support Israel, which together defeated the Arabian nation. Once defeated, this particular Arabian nation called to its fellow Arab nations for help in attacking Israel a second time. These nations all shared a common fury at the fact that Palestinian…

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