The Odysseus: An Epic Hero

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The Odyssey, an epic written by the blind bard Homer, describes the tumultuous journey filled with twists and turns that an epic hero named Odysseus undertakes in order to return to his beloved homeland, Ithaca. Odysseus shepherds a crew of men on his ship as they ride the turbulent waves on their journey home. Odysseus is a fit leader for his crew, because he exemplifies three qualities of a competent leader: devotion, the ability to listen to underlings, and the prowess to make onerous decisions.
Odysseus is devoted to each and every one of his crewmates, an aspect of a good leader. When Odysseus and his crew land on the Island of Aeaea, Odysseus sends a platoon of his men to investigate the island. On their exploration, the men encounter Circe, a lustrous witch, who transforms the men into swine. The leader of the platoon, Eurylochus, is able to escape, and he informs Odysseus of the fate of the other men. Eurylochus urges Odysseus to leave the men in Circe’s grasp behind, by saying, “Quick, cut and run with the rest of us here - we can still escape” (10: 298-299). Odysseus, as a suitable leader, chooses to not abandon any of his men, slings his silver-studded sword around his shoulder, puts himself in danger in order to save his captured men, even when Eurylochus warns him by saying, “You will never return yourself, I swear, you’ll never bring back a single man alive” (10:295-296). Odysseus as a leader is loyal to all of his men, and even in the
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Each reader is called to interpret Odysseus’ adventure over the waves of the sea as each person’s journey over the seas of their own lives. As each individual, faces their own twists and turns, they should be reminded of Odysseus’ brave leadership. Odysseus is a leader and a hero that should encourage each man and woman to remain loyal, respect and listen to both peers and inferiors, and as they face their own monsters, make wise

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