The Occupational Adaptation ( Oa ) Framework Essay example

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Julia’s current occupational responses, engagement in school occupations, and behaviors can be best described using the occupational adaptation (OA) framework. The OA framework is based on the belief that humans have an innate drive for mastery. Unlike other occupational therapy models (e.g., MOHO, PEOP, and EHP) in which occupation and adaptation have a hierarchical relationship, the OA framework explains occupation and adaptation as an integrated constructs with non-hierarchical relationship. Occupation is not just a product of the transaction between the person and the environment (e.g., PEOP, MOHO), but necessary for adaptation to occur.
Similarly, in contrast to other theories that put emphasis on occupational performance (e.g., PEOP) or person-environment fit (e.g., PEO, EHP), the focus of intervention based on the OA framework is to facilitate the the person’s “adaptiveness” or occupational adaptation to improve funchtional skills, participation in occupations, and fulfilling demands of the occupational roles. The occupational adaptation is explained as a state of competence experienced by the person. This state reflects the extent to which an occupational response was effective in experiencing relative mastery over the occupational challenge and generalizing the response to other challenges. The OA framework emphasizes on the experience of self during engagement in occupation (tangible and non tangible). This experience of occupational adaptation is crucial for…

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