The Obesity Of The Unhealthy Eating Epidemic Essay

1758 Words Dec 6th, 2015 8 Pages
Imagine living in a generation where all these young adults are on the verge of becoming very unhealthy and may not live enough to outlive their parents. The unhealthy eating habits and choosing to exercise every other day has caused this generation to be the most obese/unhealthy young adults in America. If all these young adults worked together, we could stop this epidemic and come out on top and healthier than ever. One thing to keep in mind while we try to work together is not to fall for these unhealthy food companies and those irresistible food advertisements that we know are no good for us. Businesses could come together with the young adults and by stop subsidizing all the unhealthy food companies would lie about what is in the product. Educating ourselves is also a very important part of this unhealthy food eating epidemic. These young adults have control so much control/power of the decision making process and should use it wisely by educating themselves for better solutions to eating. The issue with the young adults of this generation is we feel since we are young, eating bad won 't affect us. The truth is, it most definitely will affect us now and bad too. That 's what these young adults just don 't understand. This generation becomes so careless of the choices being made on a daily basis, yet expects people to feel sorry when something tragic happens. For instance, being very unhealthy at this age can lead to obesity or type 2 diabetes. Which could lead to…

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