The Importance Of Eating In My Life

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Most of the meals I ate were from a box. Some came from a bag and others from my father. Whenever I had to cook food, it would turn out burnt and tasting like a pile of dirty socks. To avoid my horrible tasting food, I decided to use other methods to feed myself. Most of my lunches at school were from some sort of fast food restaurant. There were some days when I tried to eat healthier and not eat at the very convenient Jack in the Box, but restaurant food can only be so healthy. I was content living my life paying for most of my meals. It wasn’t until my grandmother moved in with my family when I started to think about what I ate. Soon after the move in, my father started working during the evening, cutting our outlet for some delicious dinner. …show more content…
I had to make the dressing from scratch. My dad also convinced me to put the chicken in a marinade that he helped me make. We added multiple seasonings, some of which I didn’t even know existed, for example adobo seasoning, to the raw chicken, mixed it all into a bag and placed it in the refrigerator. After close to 24 hours, I cut the raw chicken into cubes and put it in a 12-inch skillet. With the chicken cooked, I decided I was going to start to make the dressing for the salad. First, I had to locate the balsamic vinegar, something I’ve never worked with in my life. Located in the cabinet, I poured ½ cup into a small saucepan. I discovered that we didn’t have brown sugar in the house, but my mother did bring me some Mexican brown sugar from her special dessert cupboard. I grated the Mexican brown sugar very small until I had two tablespoons. When I put the brown sugar into the vinegar, I completely disappeared. After some boil time, the dressing reeked of vinegar, so I added one more tablespoon of brown sugar to sweeten and thicken. The recipe said that I had to reduce the vinegar-brown sugar mixture and I had no idea what to do, so, I just waited the designated amount of time and removed from the stove to cool. As the dressing cooled, I brought out the romaine lettuce, one avocado, seven cherry tomatoes, the cooled chicken, and slices of mozzarella. I cubed ¾ of the avocado and set that aside with the halved tomatoes. I rinsed the romaine lettuce and cut into triangles. The sliced mozzarella was cubed and set aside. When the dressing was cooled, I put the lettuce into the bowl and placed everything on top with a drizzle of the dressing. As far as taste goes, I think it was really good. The cubes of mozzarella with some lettuce were my ideal bite. The dressing wasn’t strong in taste, but was very strong in smell. I did add a little too much dressing to the salad. I

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