The Nutrition Label Is Only A Step For The Right Direction Essay

1326 Words Mar 9th, 2016 null Page
professional for two decades and currently works at Texas Oncology, has said that sugar spikes cause far more heart disease than the fats that we are so conscious of do. “Western Europeans – Germans, the Polish, the Dutch – all eat far more fats than we do, and yet have far fewer instances of heart disease. We have done studies and what the studies show is that it isn’t the fats that cause heart disease, or not completely. Blood sugar levels spiking causes far more heart disease than the fats we eat.” However, focusing on what is reported in the nutrition label is only a step in the right direction. Nutrition labels are already lacking in space, as most food items do not have a lot of room in the first place. Therefore, instead of increasing the information on a nutrition label (it is difficult to effectively explain all of the ingredients and what exactly a certain amount of a certain thing means) we need to educate ourselves and others to better understand them. Companies cannot (and will not) do this for us, and the government does not have the money or ability to do it effectively. What that would require would be for us to first develop a baseline understanding of the nutrition label and the basic nutrients listed there, as well as the common nutrients many labels share (niacinamide, for instance) and how they interact with our bodies and with each other. “The key is to create the drive to do it ourselves; change only happens if we want it to,” says Farnsworth,…

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