The Nurse Manager Essay

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In case study two, Katie, the nurse manager has quite a few issues to resolve. However, if she has the necessary leadership tools in her arsenal, she has the chance to turn this unfortunate incident into a learning opportunity for all involved. The first thing that Katie must do is damage control with the patient. Women in labor are in a vulnerable state, whether or not they have had a baby in the past, they are clearly in need of competent and comforting nurses to care for them. Amber, the nursing student, unknowingly and most likely caused a great amount of distress for the patient. I do not think Amber acted with malice and her actions were likely due to her lack of experience. I believe that Katie’s initial action of sending Amber to the lounge was a good call. She could then go speak with the patient and set her mind at ease. Katie should use “smoothing” as a means for conflict resolution with the patient. It would be imperative for Katie to exhibit competence, professionalism, and caring when speaking with this patient. It would also be prudent to tell the patient that serious complications are rare and that she is in good hands. If I were Katie, I would also speak with the physician attending to the patient, in private, and ask him or her to reassure the patient as well. Katie should also follow the care of this patient in order to ensure she has a smooth labor, delivery, and post-partum process. Once the patient has her baby in her arms, she will likely be…

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