The Novel Love Medicine By Louise Erdrich Essays

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Point of view is one of the most important aspects of a novel. It helps the reader understand what is happening in a novel and how different characters react. When a novel uses multiple points of view it gives the reader a chance to view an event from multiple angles. The novel Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich uses multiple points of view to show irony among other things of different events. There are many characters that can be considered the protagonists of the novel as well as the antagonists of novel depending on the situation, point of view, and way the reader interprets it. Some instances include Marie as the protagonist and Lulu as the antagonist, or the other way around. The reader can also look at Lipsha as the protagonist. The same can be said for June as the protagonist. June can also be viewed as the antagonist of the novel along with Nector . First there are many characters that could be considered the protagonist of the novel. For example, Marie and Lulu can be both the protagonist but also double as each other’s antagonist of the novel. The first way is Marie being viewed as the protagonist of the novel and Lulu being the antagonist. For example, Marie is the protagonist because she is a round and dynamic character. The novel states, “I was ignorant… I didn’t want June Morrissey when they first brought her to my house. But I ended up keeping her the way I would later end up keeping her son, Lipsha…” (43, 84). This shows Marie was caring yet ignorant of things…

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