Essay on The Notion Of Public Administration

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A reformist change of the notion of public administration makes the notion of ethics more complicated. Due to find a conflict between the New Public management and ethics, this essay will firstly consider the notion of ethics in public policy. After that, it will argue about the notion of New Public Management, and then it will explain how the new trend is challenging the notion of ethics in public policy.


Linguistically, the word of ethics is derived from a Greece word ‘ethos’ and in English it means ‘character’ or ‘custom’. It includes two separate understandings of ‘character’ and ‘custom’ simultaneously (Preston 2014, p.p. 16). However, according to an English language science, the meaning of ‘ethics’ is understood as moral principles that lead human behaviour or conduct (Oxford dictionary). Here, the meaning of ethics almost equals with the meaning of morality. According to Preston (2014) the word of ‘morality’ and the word of ‘ethics’ have the different meanings. Morality means an individual’s belief what is right or wrong, while ethics means value based external rules or principles for certain human behaviour. Depending on regulating relations, the meaning of ethics can be interpreted in many ways. In terms of public policy, ‘ethics refers to moral reasoning and behaviour by policy makers and other stakeholders in the public policy system’ (Rabin 2003, p.p. 470). From this definition it can be clearly seen that the existence of the notion…

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