North Korea Cultural Revolution Essay

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North Korea has put the world in a very precarious situation, with the risk of nuclear war breaking out being front and center. They have constantly appeared in the news for various hostile activities, but their nuclear weapons program is the most prominent. It appears that North Korea acts with hostility towards all western countries, most notably by threatening the United States with nuclear weapons. What is even more terrifying, however, is North Korea’s hostility towards its greatest ally, China. China first became allied with North Korea when it intervened in the Korean War (25 June 1950 - 27 July 1953) to defend the communist forces in the northern region of Korea. China’s intervention was crucial for North Korea to survive the war: …show more content…
The Cultural Revolution was the cornerstone of Mao’s policies at the time, yet Kim and the KWP had nothing nice to say about it. The North Korean government’s views of the Cultural Revolution are summarized as such: "The leaders of the KWP speak of the so-called 'Great Cultural Revolution ' as a 'great madness ', having nothing in common with either culture or a revolution." The KWP and Kim skipped over praise or at the very least constructive criticism, and went straight to insults, showing that North Korea is quick to act with little regard for consequences. Yet this was not a one way street of insults: The Red Guards in China widely made Kim Il-Sung a target of criticism, proclaiming that North Korea, like the Soviet Union, had degenerated into a “revisionist country.”, This exchange of insults contributed to undermining the Chinese-North Korean alliance. The Chinese-North Korean alliance was already in danger because the Cultural Revolution created a state of chaos in China, forcing the Chinese government to focus inward and let their relationship with North Korea decline. Not only is North Korea hostile towards its own allies, but its greatest ally, China, is hostile towards North Korea; North Korea’s closest and strongest alliance is far from amicable or

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