Essay on The Night Of My Brother

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“Alexis, your brother has been in a serious accident a little while ago, and we do not know if he is going to make it.” That was the first thing I heard when I answered my mothers phone call leaving work that night. I remember the night and conversations very clearly, because it was one of the most devastating days of my life. After the phone call all I can remember was bursting into tears and racing towards my car in the parking lot. I jumped in the car crying hysterically and sped off towards the hospital in New Orleans. I got to the hospital and spent what seemed like forever trying to find a place to park. Once I had found a place I set off to go find my mother and the rest of my family members who were also there waiting. As I was walking I was getting another phone call from my mother. I went ahead and answered the phone and to my surprise it was actually the cop who was working the scene calling me to find out where I was located so he could take me to my mom. Once he finally found me he started to tell me what all was going on and where all of my family was while he was taking me to them. We walked through the emergency room to a private family waiting room where I was united with my mother, who I ran to and grabbed into a tight hug. Once we finished consoling each other she finally collected herself and told me what had happened. She told me they were driving on one of the backroads in Waggaman and they veered off and hit a big concrete pole and wrapped around it,…

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