The Night Before The World End Essay

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Face it, the night before the world was to end, we all sat up and wondered what was to happen to the human race or to the planet that we depended on. Everyone had a gut wrenching feeling that the next morning upon awakening something would be different; yet, we awoke only to find everything the way we had left it. For years I have wondered what will happen the day the world ceases to exist. So, I have set out to gather information on exactly that topic: What will happen the day the world ends? I have thought about the possible explanations to this obscure question. One way to decipher this typical question is through the lens of religion, in particular Christianity. Another way to go about answering this question is through scientific theories. …show more content…
These earthquakes can in turn cause giant tsunamis such as the one that hit Japan in 2011 and caused a nuclear crisis. People also could destroy their own existence by an uprising or because if something were to happen with a natural disaster we would become disgusting again like London was during the bubonic plaque and thus causing another plaque. Other than the Mayans, another group known as the Hopi Indians also made predictions about the end of the world.The Hopi had predicted nine signs til the end of the world and they have all but one came true. 1. White-skinned men shall come and take over the land; striking their enemies with thunder. This came true because the white men came over to America and took over the land using guns. 2. There will come to our land spinning wheels with talking voices. Again this prediction came true the moment covered wagons or cars were made. 3. A beast like buffalo will come but shall have great long horns; sounds a lot like longhorn cattle to me like cowboys used to herd in the west. 4. The land will be crossed with iron snakes; sounds a lot like railroad tracks, stupid trains just had to contribute to the end of times. 5. The land shall be covered with a great spider web

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