The New Place Is So Strange Essay

1903 Words Sep 12th, 2016 8 Pages
This new place is so strange. The space is so tight; it’s damp and cold. The smell is strong cross between the smell of the oil of the ship and body odor of my fellow shipmates. The sound is almost complete silence besides a few whispers, among families. This path though sure is very uncertain. The scent and motion of the sea rocking the boat makes me a bit sick to my stomach. No one knows what’s next for him or her in this “Land of the Free”. This feeling of uncertainty began for us many months ago. At home monsters are, now tarnishing where we grew and had our families for so many years. These monsters do not care for their fellow man; all they care about is money and power. They don’t care who they have to hurt or how long you’ve been around if they want it they can have it. Sicily, was our home, its where our family was, our home we built with our own hands, life wasn’t very great but, not bad, it was ours and we enjoyed every minute of it. For many years my family has been bricklayers. My father taught me, his father, taught him, and so on and so forth. My ancestors have built many of the homes in our small village outside of Sicily One day a group of men approached my father saying he owed them money and that if they didn’t pay them he and his family would be killed. My father a short, stocky, bald, man with a heart of gold, would never owe anyone money, he worked hard every day his whole life, making an honest living. He ran home and told me what had happened he…

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