The New Liberal Arts, By Sanford J. Ungar Essay

961 Words Nov 11th, 2016 4 Pages
In today’s day and age, almost every young adult is told that attending a four-year university is the next step following high school, but two articles question the idea that college is essential and suggest a different type of post high school education. The first article I analyzed was “Should Everyone Go to College?” by Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill, where the authors discuss several factors about a traditional four-year university and question whether the benefits outweigh the costs. The other article I analyzed was “The New Liberal Arts” by Sanford J. Ungar, in which Unger tries to promote liberal arts colleges and show how they are more beneficial than traditional four-year universities. Both articles, in a way, were essentially trying to push readers away from the standard route for post high school education by displaying different options with their own use of ethos, logos, and pathos. In this essay, I compare the two articles’ uses of ethos, logos, and pathos and show how _______ did so more effectively. My first step was to analyze both articles’ use of ethos,that is how well the author establishes his or her own credibility. Owen and Sawhill used ethos more effectively in their article, “Should Everyone Go to College?”. When reading “Should Everyone Go to College?” one immediately sees the ethos because that the authors note that “Owen was a senior research assistant at Brookings’ Center on Children and Families” and “Sawhill is co-director of the Center…

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