The New Global Definition Of Social Work Essay

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The new global definition of social work was adopted by the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) in 2014. IFSW is a global organization for social work professionals, which comprises 116 national associations. IFSW has been granted Special Consultative Status the United Nations .Although promotion of social cohesion and respect for diversities in terms of cultural citizenship was additionally included in the new definition, social work studies on practical levels in terms of cultural citizenship are still under development. Since 1990s, community arts organisations in western countries such as UK, Canada and Australia have developed community engagement projects for migrants or people with disability through digital media production. It is important to develop the collaboration method between artists and social workers to promote cultural citizenship for social minority groups.
This paper discusses a practice-based research based on community cultural development project carried out in Fukui, located in northwest Japan from 2012. I organized: 1) Research visiting to community arts organisations in Sydney, Australia 2) iPad Digital Storytelling (DST) workshop with person with autism spectrum disorder and their family in Japan. This research focuses on mainly two questions, firstly, this study would attempt to analyse the effectiveness of community arts and cultural development through digital storytelling to promote community engagement and community…

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