The New Emperor Of China Essay

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The new emperor, Great Khan of China, is selecting a religion for his people and government. A Buddhist monk, Hindu Guru, and a Daoist monk all attend the emperor 's assembly. Each representative is to present their religion, and convince the Emperor to adopt their religion without doubt or hesitation. Subsequent to the emperor’s questioning: “How will this path help our people find peace of mind?” and “How will this religion help us maintain order and stability?” and lastly “Why should our kingdom support your religion?” the emperor will select a religion to enforce through his rule. The conference begins with the Buddhist monk. Buddhist monk: “The people of my religion achieve the goal of peace and mind (Nirvana,) through the middle and eightfold paths. We believe to indulge but not seek to indulge-in the world, but not obsessed with it, is the correct way of life. Good karma-achieved through exceptional thoughts and actions Anyone can achieve enlightenment, unlike in other belief systems. To let go of attachment and suffering leads to eternal happiness and permanent peace of mind. Because there is no permanent self, peace of mind in a current life does no significance. In contrast, internal peace is infinite, so that is what we strive for.” Hindu Guru: “The lifestyle of an ascetic is the only answer. Through being an ascetic, one enjoys the varied practices of yoga-Karma, other forms of self discipline, all leading to peace of mind. Training oneself to a life of…

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