The New Deal Essays

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In 1620, hundreds of Puritans left from the Great Britain and sought for their own settlement in American Continent. Those Puritan settlers had signed the Mayflower Compact which was a basic form of lawful management and order before they landed on Plymouth in Massachusetts. Freedom has always been and will ever be the most valuable nationhood of the United States. The political system of the nation changed from a loose confederation to a central government because the founding fathers thought the change was based on the country 's future. Yet the Democratic-Republicans strongly opposed an unlimited power of government. And their slogan was also the same. They feared such a strong central government would hinder people 's freedom. Thus the notion of freedom was decided by times and people’s thoughts. Due to the political struggles between planters and abolitionists, freedom was not only for white people anymore, it should also belong to other races. The obligation of the nation is to protect the freedom of its citizens as the expectation of those citizens. The implementation of the New Deal was the transform of liberalism.

Lawful and ordered freedom was the goal for American people. A central government did not exist in the early days, and there was only a loose confederation. Yet, a central government for those people who lived in those thirteen colonies was founded in the Constitutional Convention in 1787. The Freedom had already been the main goal for those settlers…

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